The Association

Our work in Germany

kikonyogo-pictureIn Germany, we have many events running under the title “Africa in the classroom.” The proceeds go to the Uganda project. We take part related to Africa and help you to help shape the project days. Some examples of our services are:

Tinker toys: balls, skipping ropes, dolls, etc … from newspapers, garbage bags or shopping vegetable bags and make jewelery, dance workshops, games afternoons, making simple dance costumes, face and body painting, fairy tales tell, hair braiding and cooking of simple African snacks.

Our work in Uganda

showcase2We have leased a plot of land where all meetings and workshops are held. All animals that we are rearing are kept there, except those that will be distributed to the members.

Goat meat is considered to be one of the most healthy types of meat in Uganda and therefore all members are encouraged to at least rear a goat. On the farm we keep three breeding pigs and every time they give birth to piglets, some of the piglets are distributed to the project members and the remaining ones are sold off and that money goes back to the project.

Kyosiga kyokungula!